The ticking clock

What’s your plan when furlough ends?

We all have stuff that we put on the back burner until we really have no option but to do something about it, and many employers are now having to turn their attention to the employees still furloughed, because government funding is due to stop at the end of this month (although there are rumours that it may continue if we go into lockdown again).

Even though you haven’t had to pay their full salary during furlough, your staff have continued to accrue holidays and service with you. They may have also accrued additional employment rights such as a longer notice period, a redundancy payment entitlement, or the right not to be unfairly dismissed.

If your circumstances have not improved to the extent where you can justify having furloughed staff back on their full contractual terms, make sure you speak to an employment law or HR specialist about your options before you impose any changes. You’ve got 17 days before furlough ends and the clock is ticking.

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