Tips on being an effective Manager

‘People don’t leave companies, they leave Managers.’ We have seen this phrase all over various websites and social media platforms but usually, it follows with a ‘how to hand your notice in’ or ‘click here to receive job adverts in your area’ type article. But where is the advice on how to tackle the issue at hand or how to help the Manager?

Managers may be experts in their fields of work but usually they have reached their positions through hard work and promotions and somewhere along the way, were handed a team of people to manage. Particularly in light of the pandemic, both Managers and their team members can be left feeling deflated, lethargic and with little to no motivation. We are here to help you and your team get back on your feet! Through advising employers on a daily basis, we have identified the following effective tips for Managers:

  • Communication: Stay in touch… but not too closely.  Whether your employees are working from home or not, you need to find a balance on how much you stay in contact with them. There is a fine line between staying connected and micromanaging but through effective communication skills and talking openly with your team, you will be able to find a balance that is right for you all.
  • Personal: Each member of your team is different so do not try to treat them all the same! Get to know your team and really try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Using a personalised approach is crucial to helping them develop in their roles.
  • Organisation: This is key! Plan in advance and share your goals/aims with your team so that everyone is on the same page and you can all support each other. You will be surprised how individuals’ attitudes can change when they feel safe and supported.
  • Recognition: Make an effort to recognise your team’s achievements; as individuals and as a group.
  • Performance: You may not have had to deal with performance before, but you most certainly do now! Do not just sweep poor performance issues under the carpet. Learn how to effectively deal with employees who are not performing and address the issues early on to help them before it gets too serious or before you start to feel overwhelmed.

Finally, remember that we are here to help! We can offer you bespoke training to develop your skills as a Manager. Click here for help.


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