New Rules on ACAS Early Conciliation

The new rules on ACAS Early Conciliation have come into force today!

ACAS early conciliation is the process whereby ACAS try to help you reach an agreement with a prospective claimant before they make a tribunal claim. If conciliation fails, then an early conciliation certificate will be provided and the prospective Claimant will be able to submit their claim to the Employment Tribunal.

A key change in the new rules is that the one-month early conciliation process (with the possibility to extend for a further two weeks) has changed to a new 6-week period with no opportunity to extend.

So, what does this mean in practice? Whilst this may not be a fundamental change to most claims, it does extend the limitation date for a claim. Subsequently, we may see a greater number of parties coming to agreements prior to tribunal claims being submitted. However, it also just provides Claimants with a longer period of time to get their claim in!


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