New Statutory Rates

From the 1st April 2020, new rates for the National Minimum and living Wage come into effect. The increases will see low-paid workers earn almost a thousand pounds more a year.

These increases will be effective from 1st April 2020 when the minimum rate of pay will be increased from £8.21 to £8.72 for workers over the age of 25. This represents a 6.2 per cent increase from the current ate.

The change in National Minimum wage will rise across all age groups, including:

  • A 6.5% increase from £7.70 to £8.20 for 21-24-year-olds
  • A 4.9% increase from £6.15 to £6.45 for 18-20-year-olds
  • A 4.6% increase from £4.35 to £4.55 for Under-18s
  • A 6.4% increase from £3.90 to £4.15 for Apprentices

The National Living Wage for workers aged 25 and over will increase from £8.21 per hour to £8.72 per hour from 1st April 2020.

The following are also expected to change from 5 April 2020. SMP, SAP and SHPP are expected to increase from £148.68 to £151.20

The rate of statutory sick pay is also proposed to increase from £94.25 to £95.85 on the 6th April 2020


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