FACT: Your ET Claim could have been avoided

You’ll always have the employees that want their day in Court no matter what you do, but for the majority, they just want you to have a fair reason for what you’re doing, follow a fair process and treat them with dignity. It’s not really too much to ask!

And guess what the primary drivers for unfair dismissal claims are? 

  • Being dishonest about your reasons for dismissing someone; 
  • not following a fair process in doing so; and 
  • treating your staff like shit.

When employees feel threatened without understanding why, the battle lines are often drawn and their peers, family, friends, union reps, ACAS and lawyers become defensive for them. It makes the process more complicated and stressful for all involved, which can lead to more mistakes being made.

But employers CAN avoid unfair dismissal claims by being smart about their dismissals. This means:

  • questioning their reasoning; 
  • gathering data and evidence; 
  • planning a structured process; 
  • communicating effectively with their staff; 
  • training their people managers (this is a big one!); and
  • Documenting their processes

Plan your work and work your plan if you want to avoid the Tribunal too. You can book a Strategy Call to discuss your particular HR challenge with one of our lawyers HERE


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